Before you seal your travel bags shut, hopefully, you have packed a hand sanitizer because you’re going to need it — especially at that 5-star hotel!

You know what else you would need? Sinkboss!

The germiest spots in that hotel room that you paid so much for would surprise you. When you get to the hotel room and flick on the light switch or even turn on the TV with the remote control, you have just touched two of the germiest spots in your room, but none of these spots or even the toilet seat compare to the number of germs found on the bathroom sink! These germs thrive in wet and moist places and no amount of obsessive cleaning by hotel staff can ensure that the sink is entirely germ-free. In fact, a recent study showed (and we’re not trying to scare you when we say this) that the average bathroom sink could be harboring more than 3000 bacteria in just one square inch.

According to a study by researchers at the University of Arizona, bathroom sinks host more E-coli and other fecal bacteria than the toilet seats. And while not all strains of E-coli cause serious illness, some strains could cause severe or even fatal illness. So it really doesn’t matter how much that VIP lounge of the 5-star hotel cost you, you are still at risk of getting infected by deadly germs lurking in the sinks. And if you are traveling with a baby, these horrifying stats mentioned above gets even more serious because you could be exposing your child to deadly germs that come in contact with baby bottles, pump, spoon and more via the sink at the hotel. Your child’s immune system is not as strong as yours is. This means “little” germs that may cause you to just sneeze or cough could be terminal for the little one.

And this is where Sinkboss comes in.

Sinkboss is an affordable, sanitary portable sink for washing and drying kitchenware such that there is absolutely no room for these delicate kitchenware to come in contact with the harmful germs found in the sink. Here are some reasons Sinkboss is the safest way to protect yourself and your loved ones when compared to any disinfectant or sink cleaner out there:

  1. Sinkboss is portable, lightweight and compact, meaning that regardless of the size of your sink, Sinkboss would fit in just right.
  2. Sinkboss efficiently creates a physical barrier between your kitchenware and a potentially contaminated sink basin , this way germs cannot even get close to your kitchenware
  3. Sinkboss offers pull-out legs thus allowing for easy placement on an array of platforms. You don’t have to worry about where Sinkboss would fit in!
  4. Sinkboss is designed with a hook & strap system which allows for Sinkboss to be hung from various overhead and adjacent structures.

If you are going to spend all that money on a hotel room for one night, then you wouldn’t mind spending less than $50 on a solution that keeps you and your loved ones 100% protected from germs!

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Why Sinkboss Is The Perfect Travel Companion!