It Might Look Clean but Is it?

Before you put your baby’s kitchenware in the public sink, think for a minute. Think of the spoons and the rims of the glasses. Think of the fork in the hand of that guy three tables over — the one with the mysterious red spot at the corner of his mouth. What about the booth full of little kids, the ones whose fingers went from mouth to table to milk glass? Remember when you were camping and the family one campsite over let their Yorkie lick all the plates?

Are you sure you want to put your baby’s bottle in the same sink? Even if everything in there gets washed, are you sure it’s clean enough for your baby to eat from?

Bottom line, we can’t always wash our baby’s kitchenware at home. At the same time, public sinks are gross. Even in a fine hotel suite, even on an elegant cruise of the Greek islands, even in the natural beauty of a pine-forested campsite, public sinks have public germs.

Coming Clean

We know that hotel and restaurant employees work diligently to clean and disinfect the sinks and countertops in your hotel room, the bathrooms, and all public places, but let’s face it — no one is perfect. Dirty sinks harbor bacteria from spoiled food, mold, unwashed hands, and mildew. That’s where infections such as salmonella, E. coli, and norovirus can lurk, especially because many times, people rinse the sink with water and just assume it’s clean. When you’re thinking of washing your baby’s bottles, nipples, eating utensils, and sippy cups, are you sure that “looks clean” is good enough?

As we know, some of these viruses are pretty dangerous. Norovirus, which results in serious diarrhea and vomiting, can cause severe dehydration, particularly in infants. Salmonella, which also causes nausea and vomiting in addition to fever, can be fatal for untreated babies. E. coli is the worst, possibly causing anything from blood infections (septicemia) to meningitis. Obviously, that doesn’t always happen, but risking your baby’s health is a problem.</p<

Everything Including the Kitchen Sink

What you need is a portable sink. You need a sink you can literally take with you wherever you go, whether that’s camping, cruising, or simply staying in a hotel while you visit Grandma and Grandpa. Luckily, Sinkboss makes just what you need: a lightweight, foldable, portable sink designed to wash your baby’s and toddler’s kitchenware.

How Sinkboss Works

It’s easy to use Sinkboss. Open it up, and Sinkboss has foldable legs for easy placement on countertops, over existing sinks, or on the ground. No surfaces? No problem. Sinkboss comes with an easy-to-use hook and strap system if you need to hang your portable sink from an attachment such as a towel rack or even a handy pine tree branch.

Once you’ve opened up your Sinkboss, you’re ready to go. In the center, Sinkboss includes a retractable sink with panels on either side for you to easily dry your baby’s bottles, sporks, sippies, nipples, pacifiers, and bowls. It’s literally a physical barrier between your baby’s kitchenware and the sink you’re using. Even better, Sinkboss acts as its own drying rack. When you’re done, simply dry off your Sinkboss, fold it up, and that’s it.

The Sinkboss at Work

Even if you’re a mom who’s breastfeeding her baby, lots of breastfeeding moms are also full-time working moms who pump during the day. Any mom who’s ever lugged a breast pump into work and dealt with cleaning the valves, the collection bottles, the membranes, and most of all, the flanges (those miniature tubas) knows that keeping everything clean is hard. Sinkboss can easily fold and fit into a work briefcase. All you have to do is unfold it, wash your items, and move on with your busy day.

The Sinkboss on a Boat or Cruise Ship

Space is at a premium on a boat. Everything on a boat has to be retractable, foldable, and storable. Sinkboss is super-easy to use on a boat. With its versatile legs and hook-line attachment system, Sinkboss can stay firmly attached to a variety of different places, even if you’re in choppy waters. Best of all, when you’re done, it folds right up and can easily be tucked into a small nook or bag.

Sinkboss Rules

The bottom line is that we have busy lives. We travel, we work, we play, and our kids are part of all that. Above all, we know our kids’ safety and health are crucially important. Sinkboss helps keep your family safe. Best of all, you can say you really do bring everything on a trip with you — including the kitchen sink.

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Why You Should Never Was Your Baby's Kitchenware in a Public Sink