Sinkboss solves your dirty germ problem…

SINKBOSS is a portable, sanitary,

and space-saving solution for washing and drying kitchenware in limited spaces and away from home


Creates a Physical Barrier Between Kitchenware
and the Potentially Contaminated Sink Basin

Pull-Out Legs
Allow for Placement on Various Platforms

Hook & Strap System Allows for Sinkboss to
be Hung from Various Overhead and Adjacent Structures.

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Making Parents & Kids Life’s Easier!



  • Our hotel room in Atlanta

    Leslie fromBoston, MA

    Our hotel room in Atlanta

    We were traveling to visit family in Atlanta, GA and brought along the Sinkboss. Wow! I can’t believe I used to wash my baby’s bottles in the standard sink. Gross!

    Name: Leslie

    Location: Boston, MA

  • Camping on the California Central Coast

    Leslie fromVentura, CA

    Camping on the California Central Coast

    Our family loves to camp and we travel to Santa Barbara County almost monthly to get away. Since both my husband and I can work from home, we try to take out children into nature whenever possible. The problem we have is our trailer isn’t large enough to cook and have a safe space for all of the child items. The public restrooms at these campsites are usually pretty awful. Sinkboss has been the savior we needed! What an awesome invention.

    Name: Leslie

    Location: Ventura, CA

  • Best Camping Companion!

    Mary fromOrlando, FL

    Best Camping Companion!

    We boyfriend and I spent the fall backpacking and just wanted a simple place to wash out items while keeping them off the dirt. I know a lot of people use Sinkboss for baby items, but this was perfect for us even without the baby.

    Name: Mary

    Location: Orlando, FL

  • Hotel Awesomeness!

    Katie fromNewark, NJ

    Hotel Awesomeness!

    Used this just last week while vacationing in Austin, Texas. Was able to wash all of our children’s things while keeping them clean and sanitary, just how we like it!

    Name: Katie

    Location: Newark, NJ

  • More camping

    Leslie fromVentura, CA

    More camping

    Can’t get over how great this thing is.

    Name: Leslie

    Location: Ventura, CA